Best of God Is An Astronaut

Ive been meaning to make this compilation since ages. God Is An Astronaut is one of the best bands out there and I have been devotedly listening to them for the past 7 years and this compilation has 30 of my absolutely favourite songs from them. I hope you guys have a fun time with this one. Be sure to buy their albums and follow them on social media as well (links below).

A massive shout out to Mehek V for her endless support for the channel and also helping me to compile this list. A special token of thanks to Leonardo Capotondi of The Chasing Monster ( for his support in this compilation as well.

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01. All Is Violent, All Is Bright 00:00
02. Point Pleasant 04:14
03. Lost Kingdom 09:17
04. Fall From The Stars 14:40
05. Echoes 19:08
06. Dust And Echoes 24:22
07. Centralia 28:36
08. Age Of The Fifth Sun 35:23
09. Dark Rift 41:52
10. Grace Descending 47:00
11. Forever Lost 52:30
12. Parallel Highway 58:52
13. From Dust To The Beyond 1:02:48
14. Helios Erebus 1:08:06
15. Tempus Horizon 1:16:37
16. Frozen Twilight 1:21:44
17. Callistoga 1:28:05
18. Post Mortem 1:32:39
19. Remembrance 1:38:32
20. Zodiac 1:42:52
21. Reverse World 1:48:35
22. New Years End 1:53:45
23. The End Of The Beginning 1:58:02
24. Red Moon Lagoon 2:02:18
25. Vetus Memoria 2:07:06
26. Shadows 2:12:27
27. The Last March 2:17:40
28. Suicide By Star 2:22:24
29. Snowfall 2:27:02
30. Fragile 2:33:45

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God Is An Astronaut

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