Sakura Tea Ceremony

We are aware that many of you have had to cancel your plans with us (and in coming to Japan), and that a great many people are in isolation at the moment. As you cannot come to us, we thought we would broadcast a tea ceremony to you.

With the cherry blossoms coming into bloom, we chose the theme of Sakura and springtime for our event. You can see many nods to cherry blossoms in the utensils we use and the sweets we serve.

Our teahouse, Camellia Garden, is located in a 100 year old property, right next door to Ryoan-ji temple (famed for its rock garden) in the north west of Kyoto.

We do hope you enjoy taking a peek at our tearoom, the tea ceremony and the gardens, and we truly hope to see some of you soon.

For now, best wishes from everyone at Camellia.
Stay safe and take care.

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