Ambient Space Music {Across the Galaxies}. Background for Dreaming, Gaming, Relaxation

Relaxation Ambient Music presents Ambient Space Music {Across the Galaxies}. It is an excellent calming Background for Space exploring, stargazing, learning astronomy, Dreaming, Soul Healing, Stress Relief and complete relaxation. Also you can try to use it while creating arts, writing, studying etc.

Music Delta Waves: Across the Galaxies

Space Ambient Music { Cosmic Melody } Background Music for Dreaming, Study, Arts

Relaxation Meditation Ambient Music presents Space Ambient Music { Cosmic Melody }. It is an excellent Background for Studying, Dreaming, Gaming, Writing and creating art, Stress Relief and complete relaxation. You also can try to use it for Universe Exploring, Astronomy, Astral Projection

Music: Out of the physical body
Album: Music for Space Travelers

Space Ambient Mix 33 - Frozen Dreams by The Intangible

Music Produced by The Intangible:

Wallpaper, graphic designer:

Oleg Danylenko is a Self-taught artist from Ukraine living in Poland. Currently working on personal project. If you want to participate and in case you like wallpaper art please support: Paypal account —

Few words about JediMaster (Creator of the channel):

Hi, Im JediMaster (Jerry Gidelski) and I am a music producer and sound engineer from Poland, Wroclove. I have been professionally exploring and developing my electronic music skills

Deep Space. 3 hours music for sleep and meditation, ASMR music.

Composition «Deep Space» — it is a sleeping music with soft whispering wich gives you a real sensation of sinking in a deep space, where you can feel yourself as a witness of the birth of the universe. This is a beautiful relaxing music composed by JuRo — professional composer who specializes in ASMR music.
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Beautiful Ambient Space Music | Part 3

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The best music on the planet combined with stunning visuals: beautiful Ambient space music, part 3.

Perfect inspirational, uplifting, and studying music. This part uses fractal animations produced by Electric Sheep:

From Stellardrone, a Lithuanian composer who releases all music public domain.

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Deep Relaxation Ambient Music ~ Space Music ~ Study ~ Dreaming

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